IBM Mainframes Training in Hyderabad

Course Duration : 45 Days

IBM Mainframe is a High performance Multi User computer system which is the most scalable, available, reliable and secured machine in the world. It can store huge amount of data It can process Million Instructions per second (up to 569,632 MIPS). Data security with no virus threat. Mainframe is the central data repository in a corporation's data procession centre.

About the Course

IBM Mainframes training in Hyderabad providing professional course in Mainframes Technology. IBM Mainframes is An ultra-high- performance computer made for high-volume, processor-intensive computing. A large, powerful computer that works with large data chunks and supports a myriad of users simultaneously.

Mainframe is an industry term for a large computer, typically manufactured by a large company such as IBM for the commercial applications of Fortune 1000 businesses and other large-scale computing purposes. Historically, a mainframe is associated with centralized rather than distributed computing.

  • Mainframes have the ability to run (or host) multiple operating systems
  • Mainframe can replace dozens or even hundreds of smaller servers
  • Reducing management and administrative costs
  • Providing greatly improved scalability and reliability.
  • Mainframes also have unique execution integrity characteristics for fault tolerant computing.
  • The CPU speed of mainframes has historically been measured in millions of instructions per second (MIPS)

Course Objectives

The Course goes with the aim to understand key concepts about:
  • COBOL: Programs can write in COBOL Language
  • JCL: We can compile and Execute COBOL Programs
  • VSAM: Data can be Stored in VSAM Files ( Data Base)
  • DB2: Data can be stored in Database Tables ( Data Base)
  • CICS: We can Design Online Screens ( Like ATM Screens)

We can provide in-depth Training on these Five Modules. With The knowledge You can get Job in MNC easily

  • SDLC Concepts
  • Real Time Tools
  • Real Time Work Flow
  • Real Time Errors and ABENDS
  • Real Time Program Flow
  • Real Time Project Flow

We can Provide In-depth Training on "Real Time Project: Scenarios

Who should go for this course?

Infoshare Soft Solutions is the only IBM Mainframes training Institute in Hyderabad with great expertise in IBM Mainframes. Being one of the fastest growing technologies in the business industry, Mainframes is the big essential technology to stand tall in the rapidly growing competitors in the market. Many IT industry aspirants are looking for online course by any Mainframes training Institute in Hyderabad. Following industry professionals must be well in verse in this course:

  • Graduates
  • Software Developers
  • Data Warehousing Professionals
  • Hadoop Developers
  • Data Base Developers

Why IBM Mainframes ?

  • Mainframe is always available (100%).
  • Allows to store huge amount of data
  • Multiple users can access same data at a time from data base
  • Shows a very high processing speed and it can process millions of transactions per second
  • Increase business flexibility & productivity - More and more businesses are relying on mainframe servers
What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

To learn IBM Mainframes in any of the Mainframe training Institutes in Hyderabad, it is needed to have sound knowledge in Any Programming Language and Database concepts, which is a must to understand the foundations about Mainframe COBOL and Database . Anyhow, Essential concepts in Mainframes will be provided by us to get into the actual concepts of IBM Mainframes.

As foundation of Programming Language is very much important for effective learning of IBM Mainframes technologies. Having good idea about COBOL programming will make IBM Mainframes run easier. Also Database can be useful in performing Database operation easily. Basic knowledge on File Concepts also needed for day-to-day execution of the software.

How will I execute the Practical's?

The practical experience here at Infoshare Soft Solutions will be worth and different than that of other Mainframes training Institutes in Hyderabad. Practical knowledge of IBM Mainframes can be experienced through our virtual software of Mainframes get installed in your machine. As, the software needs minimum system requirements, with the virtual class room set up learning will be easier. Either with your system or with our remote training sessions you can execute the practical sessions of IBM Mainframes.

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